What is the Root Chakra Healing Toolkit?

This healing kit gives you a taste of how to nurture your Root Chakra during times of uncertainty and stress. Using the eBook, Workbook, Yoga practices, and Meditation exercises, you will be naturally led to care for your Base Chakra.

The course also comes with the awesome bonus of continued LIVE support.

Once you enroll, you'll be guided to join the exclusive meditation community: Earth, Moon + You. There you will be able to partake in weekly live guided meditations, that will help you develop deeper connections and more variations in your practice.

8 Reasons To Get This Course:

  • You feel stressed or uncertain about some basic structures in your life.

  • You are experiencing change in the area of the home, employment or sense of self.

  • You operate from a scarcity mindset and wish to shift to an abundance mindset.

  • You crave a community that prioritizes meditation and energy work.

  • You lack a sense of purpose in your life and have trouble trusting your instincts.

  • You wish to develop a closer connection to the earth element.

  • You seek a deeper connection to your inner child.

  • You are seeking to balance your Chakra system.

How is it structured?

Think of this course as a toolkit that you can come back to again and again. During times of uncertainty or fear, you can access the grounding yoga poses, listen to the meditations, get back to childhood with mindful coloring, or practice the journal exercises to get yourself back to center.

Earth, Moon, + You the meditation community will be available to you on a weekly basis to tune in, zone out, and feel supported in your meditation practice.

Let's Root to Rise.

Hi, I’m Whitney

Traveling yoga and meditation teacher living in Oregon. Creator of the Root Chakra Healing Toolkit and your resource for supportive yoga and meditation practices.

I am confident this course will lead you toward a place of wellness. I’m here for you as a yoga teacher, a mentor, and as someone who has experienced chakra displacement and found a way to get it back. 

It all starts with the foundation.

Over $150 Worth of Value

$20 Value: Course eBook and Workbook 📕

$60 Value: 3 Custom Meditations 🧘

$90 Value: Yoga Practices for Morning, Evening, and Night 🌙

$30 Value: Mindfulness Workshop 👣

$10 Value: Mindful Mandala Coloring Book 📿

**Bonus Magic**

Weekly LIVE Guided Meditations in the exclusive Facebook community group!


Access the Virtual Mini Retreat, Honor Your Roots


Root Chakra Yoga Poster 

Audio version of the eBook 

Root Chakra Empowerment Playlist 

Inspired Book Recommendations

& More!

See what these beautiful souls have to say about the course!

Melissa's testimonial
Melissa, Holistic Copywriter

"I have been feeling immense stress and a longing for change. When I came across this course, my intuition knew it was exactly what I needed to feel more aligned, and it truly was.

The Root Chakra toolkit helped me heal the unsuspecting underlying cause of my worrying and restlessness- an unbalanced Root Chakra.

Not only are the eBook and workbook incredibly thorough resources, but the meditations and yoga were truly transformative for me.

Between all of the healing music, bonuses, and other great resources, this toolkit gave me everything I need to step into my power. The best part is that I can come back to the toolkit anytime I need to feel more grounded.

Whitney and her Root Chakra Toolkit have ignited a powerful shift in me. I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to release stagnant energy and thrive in your life."



Sonia, Web Designer & Digital Nomad
Sonia, Web Designer & Digital Nomad

"The Root Chakra toolkit was one of the most relaxing, grounding, and self-love boosting courses I've ever taken.

I usually invest in marketing or business courses, so taking this course opened my eyes to the simple (and important) things in life. Is not always rushing in life and hustling, but instead learning how to ground is what will make me grow in the long run.

The course itself is absolutely rich in terms of knowledge, content, resources, bonuses, and extra love. Whitney is an amazing yoga teacher and her voice is 100% calming to me.

I took this course with the idea of having a couple of yoga classes but, instead, I got a whole new world to explore. I learned a lot about myself and my body, and I constantly keep working on my yoga practice and self thanks to the playlist, book recommendations, and walking guided meditations.

Thank you Whitney, this was magical."



Tom's Testimonial
Tom, Yoga Instructor & Breathwork Facilitator

"In this course Whitney has produced one of the most comprehensive, engaging, and esthetically pleasing courses I’ve ever taken.

As a yoga teacher, I continually reference the Root Chakra E-book and this course when trying to better understand the energy system of the human body.

This course delivers! and its lessons resonate well past completion."



sierra's testimonial
Sierra, Travel + Transform Coach

"I took this course during a time when I was feeling really over-worked and unbalanced, and the insight I gained from the eBook allowed me to identify which of my chakras needed some work; then the workbook and meditations allowed me to take action!

The course uses a variety of methods and practices that allow you to take an active approach to healing your chakras and makes you feel comfortable getting vulnerable and trying new things you've never tried before."



Kim, Yoga Teacher & Coach
Kim, Yoga Teacher & Coach

"I have very much enjoyed this course, as it led to many eye-opening moments. I was already aware of the root chakra but not in this intense way!

It‘s been a powerful experience to become more aware of how my root chakra is balanced day to day and how it affects me and my mood!

The tools you are offering here are truly invaluable. Not only have they already had a beautiful and positive impact on me, but I‘m certain they will continue to do so in the future!

I so appreciate you sharing this with all of us. Thank you Whitney!"




  • Is the healing kit right for me? If you classify as HSP or get easily overwhelmed by stressful situations, this course will help you.

  • How long can I enroll? Enrollment for this course is open indefinitely. Join anytime.

  • Is there a payment plan? Nope! This price is so low, you can swing it on the first go around.

  • What about ongoing support? You bet! Once you enroll you will be directed to the private community, Earth Moon + You for ongoing support in your yoga, meditation and healing journey.

  • Is there a guarantee? What if I don't like it? There is a 10-day money back guarantee included with your purchase. If you open the Root Chakra Healing Kit, get into the practices, and just simply don't like what you're seeing, then email me within ten days I will refund your purchase.

  • Do I get lifetime access? What about upgrades? Yes, you get lifetime access and automatically grandfathered into any future course upgrades.